ELOCTATE®—the only FVIII powered by Fc Fusion

Experience Fc Fusion technology in action

Fc Fusion MOE

ELOCTATE contains the Fc region of IgG11

IgG1 allows ELOCTATE to extend its half-life by binding to the neonatal Fc receptor1

IgG1 is a naturally occurring protein that has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties1-3

The molecular mechanism behind the effects achieved by ELOCTATE is not
yet fully understood, including the interaction with cellular Fc receptors that
ELOCTATE may interact with3

Poly vector 4,-d-,1-01 ELOCTATE Fc Fusion MOE

Fc Fusion helps ELOCTATE stay in circulation through a natural pathway and does not accumulate1,4

Fc=fragment crystallizable; FVIII=factor VIII; IgG1=immunoglobulin G; MOE=mechanism of extension.

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