ELOCTATE®—powered by Fc Fusion

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Fc Fusion MOE

ELOCTATE contains the Fc region of IgG11

IgG1 allows ELOCTATE to extend its half-life by binding to the neonatal Fc receptor1

IgG1 is a naturally occurring protein that has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties1-3

The molecular mechanism behind the effects achieved by ELOCTATE is not
yet fully understood, including the interaction with cellular Fc receptors that
ELOCTATE may interact with3

Poly vector 4,-d-,1-01 ELOCTATE Fc Fusion MOE

Fc Fusion helps ELOCTATE stay in circulation through a natural pathway and does not accumulate1,4


Jonathan embodies drive and ambition. That’s why he worked with his doctor to switch to ELOCTATE. Jonathan was interested in ELOCTATE because of the extended half-life and the possibility of an infusion schedule of up to every 5 days. He went from infusing every other day on his previous, standard half-life factor to infusing every 4 days on ELOCTATE.1

This is a personal account of an ELOCTATE Peer. However, individual experiences may vary. Patient stories are not necessarily representative of what another person using ELOCTATE may experience. Jonathan has been compensated for sharing his story.

Fc=fragment crystallizable; FVIII=factor VIII; IgG1=immunoglobulin G1; MOE=mechanism of extension.